Prime Minister of Malaya inspects 2nd Green Jackets 1965

This photograph shows a Bugle Guard of 2nd Green Jackets (The King’s Royal Rifle Corps) being inspected in Semengo Camp, Kuching, in August/September 1965 by Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Prime Minister of Malaysia

The Prime Minister is accompanied by Bugle-Major Green. Lieutenant-Colonel E.N.W. Bramall OBE MC, the commanding officer, is largely hidden from view behind the Prime Minister’s right shoulder. A Ferret scout car is visible over the Prime Minister’s left shoulder.

2nd Green Jackets was, at the time, nearing completion of the Battalion’s first tour in Borneo (May to September 1965) before returning to its barracks in Penang.

There are eight very smart buglers in the Bugle Guard. Are you able to name any of them for the archival record? If so, please contact Major Ken Gray, the Museum archivist, by letter, telephone (01962 828549) or e-mail: