Armoured car troop KRRC 1920

This photograph is annotated in the Museum’s archives as showing the armoured car troop of The King’s Royal Rifle Corps at Arora in 1920. There is no information to indicate which battalion the armoured car troop comes from or, indeed, where Arora is.

Armoured car troop of The King’s Royal Rifle Corps


A search of the Regimental Annals and the 1920 KRRC Regimental Chronicle has shed little further light on the subject matter of the photograph. Both 3 KRRC and 4 KKRC were serving in India in 1920, but there is no mention in the Annals or the Chronicle of either having an armoured car troop or of service at Arora.

If any reader of this note is able to assist the Museum in establishing more information about this photograph, do please let the Keeper of the Museum’s archives, Major Ken Gray, know on 01962 828549 or