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Christmas cards and gift boxes from 1914

A seasonal reminder that Christmas has always been of special significance for troops on operations overseas and an opportunity for those at home to show their appreciation and remind the troops with cards and ‘goodies’ that they are not forgotten.

Watercolours of Lieutenant the Hon. H.H. Clifford VC

This object is one of 19 exquisite watercolours in the Museum’s collection painted by Lieutenant the Hon. H.H. Clifford of The Rifle Brigade, who was awarded a Victoria Cross for his gallantry during the Crimean War (1854-6). This particular watercolour is of a Rifleman in The Rifle Brigade looking as he no doubt looked most…

Model of coal fired 0-6-0 tank engine

This rather unusual object for a military museum is a coal-fired 0-6-0 tank engine (locomotive). It was built by Mr Tom Moore of Stradbroke in Suffolk and named by him Frank Moore in memory of his eldest brother, 6847925 Rifleman Frank Moore.

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