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The Last Duel

An Exhibition in The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum, Winchester

Monday 13 – Friday 31 May 2019

A duel fought in a private house in Paris on 15 May 1910 between a Captain in the Rifle Brigade and a Turkish diplomat in Egypt is the subject of a forthcoming exhibition.  Challenged by Yousury Pasha, with whose wife he had an affair, Norman Leslie felt honour bound to accept.  Since dueling was illegal the meeting had to be kept secret; the pair met in Paris, the chosen weapons were épees.  It was the last time that a serving officer fought a duel.

The story is told through letters written by Norman Leslie and General Maxwell, to whom he was ADC in Cairo; it follows him to India and subsequent deployment to France with his Regiment where he was killed in action on 19 October 1914.

The épee Norman Leslie used in the duel was presented to The Royal Green Jackets Museum by his younger brother, Shane, in 1957 and forms part of the exhibition.