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“The Great Poster War 1914-1918”

An Evening Talk by Charles Harris

6.15pm Thursday 6 December 2018

In The Kincaid Gallery, The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum

Charles Harris is a citizen of Winchester, Chairman of the Arts Society Winchester and Arts Society Lecturer. He is well known to Friends of the Museum who will recall the evening talk he gave last year on Nazi Propaganda and the use the Nazi Party made of posters in the rise to power of Hitler.

In this talk he will focus on the use of posters during WWI; in the early days of film, and in an age…..

before television, poster campaigns were a principal method of informing the public and promoting propaganda.  They featured multiple methods and topics and did not depend entirely upon the atrocity stories and recruitment; themes and topics ranged widely, propaganda revolved around ideas of the individual’s place within a community, and the need for sacrifice.

Charles Harris has had a life-long career in advertising around the world, most of it as a Creative Director in global agencies.  His practical insight and experience of what makes effective advertising and propaganda makes his presentations compelling.