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“Foe to Friend: The British Army in Germany since 1945”

An Online Presentation by Peter Johnson

6.30pm Thursday 19 November 2020

Conquerors.  Occupiers.  Allies.  Friends.  The British Army’s relationship with Germany since 1945 has certainly been complex.  From the end of the Second World War to 2019, the Army was based there in large numbers.  from occupying a defeated and destroyed country to –

standing on the front line in the Cold War, to using it as a base to deploy across the world, Britain’s reasons for being in Germany changed.  But for 75 years more than a million British service personnel – and their families- called in home.

This talk will explore how the Army evolved in those 75 years, and how the relationship between the Army and Germany has changed.  Germany has been at the heart of the British Army’s story since 1945.  It is a story of moving from foe to friend.

Dr Peter Johnston is Head of Collections Research and Academic Access at the National Army Museum.  As the Museum’s senior military historian, Peter is responsible for managing and curating exhibitions, developing research strategies, working with partners in academia and the Army, and supporting the museum’s public programme and developing programme content.  He has acted as an expert and accompanying academic on battlefield tours from Flanders to the Falklands.

Peter’s specialisms range across British military history from 1815 to the present day, but he has a particular interest in, and has published on, the post-1945 British Army, the lives of U.K. veterans and military culture, and propaganda in times of conflict.  Most recently, Peter has published an authorised history of the British military’s time in Germany since 1945 entitled, British Forces in Germany: The Lived Experience, and curated the National Army Museum’s brand new special exhibition, Foe to Friend: The British Army in Germany since 1945.

If you wish to join this online presentation please email: curator@rgjmuseum.co.uk for joining instructions.