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“Rogues with Rifles; the story of the 5th/60th”

Evening Talk by Rob Griffiths

6.15pm Thursday 21 November 2019

In The Kincaid Gallery, The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum

The 5/60th were the first rifle battalion in the British Army and they fought throughout the Peninsular War, against the forces of Napoleon; they have long been forgotten and overlooked Regiment, some would say unfairly overshadowed by the 95th Rifles.  Not only did the 5/60th Rifles have the honour of being the first rifle battalion in the British army, they won more battle honours than the 95th during the Peninsular War……..

Raised in the American colonies in 1756 as the 62nd (Royal American) Regiment to defend the thirteen colonies against attack by the French and their Native American allies, and later deployed to the West Indies, by 1797 a 5th battalion had been raised on Barbados, with additional companies formed on the Isle of Wight, and equipped entirely with rifles.  The troops of the 5th battalion were so effective that Sir Arthur Wellesley recommended their use to the divisional commanders describing them as the “most useful, active and brave troops in the field”.  This is the story of their service in that long campaign recounted by discussing some of the extraordinary, distinctly roguish, characters in that Regiment.  You will hear tales of looting, murder and treachery, but also steadfastness, loyalty and heroism.


Robert Griffith’s passion has always been history, especially the Napoleonic period.  He grew up reading C.S. Forester, Dudley Pope, Bernard Cornwell and George MacDonald-Fraser.  After writing his own historical fiction series set in the Napolionic Wars he has now branched out into non-fiction with Rifleman: A History of the 5th Battalion 60th (Royal American) Regiment, Published by Helion & Company.  Rob is currently writing his second book for Helion covering the battles of Arroyomolinos and Almaraz.

Tickets for the talk, including a glass (or two) of wine and canapes after the talk, cost £20.00 per person (£17.50 for Friends of the Museum).  Tickets must be booked in advance :

Tel: 01962 828549

Email: curator@rgjmuseum.co.uk

Online: https://shop.rgjmuseum.co.uk/evening-talk–21-nov-2019-1665-p.asp