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“From Cricket to Cookery; A Regimental Archive for all Occasions”

Evening Talk  by Heather Needham

6.15pm Thursday 9th May, 2019.

The Royal Green Jackets regimental Archive covers the antecedent regiments KRRC and RB, as well as The Royal Green Jackets.  It moved from the museum to Hampshire record office in 2012.  Like any regimental archive it contains items about military action and operations but it also contains  more unusual and unexpected items; it is truly a collection for all occasions, literally from cricket to cookery.  The archive is excellent in terms of date and scope, from 18th century letters and commissions to 19th century photographs of India and watercolours of The Nile; from war diaries of the Great War to more recent oral histories and films.  The collection is global in its coverage: Asia, Africa India, North America, Continental Europe, and of course the UK, Ireland and the Falklands.  It is a primary source for all those who want to find out more, or reminisce about service in the regiment.

The talk will include passing out parades, regimental sports, amateur dramatics, food on the march and famous regimental names.  There will also be some unexpected hidden treasures:  material relating to Albania at the time when Enver Hoxha came to power following the liberation of Tirana, photographs of the Christmas Truce during the First World War, and brief appearances by Anneka Rice, Don Estelle, David Niven, Carol Reed and Peter Ustinov.

Heather Needham is Principal Archivist (ICT) at Hampshire Record Office, home of the Hampshire Archives and Local Studies and Wessex Film and Sound Archive.  She has worked there since 2001, and her portfolio of responsibilities now includes not only digitisation, the collections management system and managing born-digital archives, but also managing the outreach programme, audio-visual archive, external commissions and venue hire.  She is occasionally allowed to indulge her passion for regimental archives!