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Online presentation by Commodere Rupert Hollins OBE

6.30pm, Friday 16 September, 2021

Hosted by The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum

China’s growth in comprehensive national strength is a defining feature of the 21st Century.  China has called this century one of “strategic opportunity”.  In many fields China has high ambitions for national greatness and regional, if not global, pre-eminence.  China’s expanding influence has led to it being viewed as a competitor, rival, and even a threat.  The trade war with the US is only one dimension.  This talk explores the defence and security dimensions of China’s rise.  Is the UK affected?  Should the UK be concerned?  Is there anything the UK can do about it?

Rupert Hollins is a retired Royal Navy officer who served for six years in Beijing, from 2012-18, as the Defence, Naval and Air Attaché.  He speaks Mandarin and has travelled in 32 out of China’s 33 administrative divisions.  During a 32-year career he served at sea and ashore, in the UK and deployed on operations, and in a variety of logistics, staff, legal and defence engagement appointments.  As a barrister he practiced criminal, employment and international law within the Armed Forces.

This online presentation will take place on Friday 16 September 2021 at 6.30pm.  Please email the Museum Curator for joining instructions curator@rgjmuseum.co.uk

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