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“The Path to Mutiny, a family story of rebellion, death and survival”

An Evening Talk by Dr Tom Shannon

on Thursday 21st March 2018

Tom Shannon’s family have been in India since his fourth great grandfather, Alexander Lawrence, survived the breach of Seringapatam  in 1799 as a subaltern in the forlorn hope.  In the mid-19th century, the subcontinent was very different from   (more…)

“Future Warfare – Bayonets or Buttons”

Evening Talk by David Smith.

6.15pm Thursday 11 April, 2019

The nature of war may never change but the character of warfare is set to change dramatically in the next few years.  Geopolitics, non-state players, technology and cyber and urbanisations are some of the many drivers changing (more…)

“From Cricket to Cookery; A Regimental Archive for all Occasions”

Evening Talk  by Heather Needham

6.15pm Thursday 9th May, 2019.

More information to follow.

“Yanks and Limeys”

Evening Talk by Professor Niall Barr

6.15pm Thursday 20 June 2019

More information to follow.

“The Ashcroft Victoria Cross Collection”

Evening Talk by David Erskine-Hill

6.15pm Thursday 19 September 2019

More information to follow

“Chindit Operations”

Evening Talk by Piers Storie-Pugh

6.15pm Thursday 24 October, 2019

More information to follow

“Rogues with Rifles; the story of the 5th/60th”

Evening Talk by Rob Griffiths

6.15pm Thursday 21 November 2019

More information to follow.