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The Tusk Of Gullala

The Tusk of Gullala is a silver centrepiece that was commissioned to commemorate the bravery of Rifleman Burke of the 1st Battalion 60th during the Yussufzai Expedition of December 1849.  This was a punitive expedition against the Sam Barzai tribe who occupied tha area between Peshwar and the Swat River and were refusing to pay…

The Lancaster Pistol

The Lancaster pistol was a 2 or 4 barrelled handgun produced in England in the late 19th century.  Based on the patents granted to Henry AA Thorn and Charles W Lancaster, the pistols were manufactured in a variety of calibres using centre fire brass cartridges and had several different grips.  The model in the Museum…

Maori mask

This object from the Museum collection is a Maori mask brought back from New Zealand to England by Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel F.M. Colvile of the 43rd (Monmouthshire) Light Infantry in 1866.

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